June 27th, 2006


Structuring the content for TH propaganda

The real goal of transhumanism promotion - make TH (by TH I mean here realistic predictions of changes and positive attitude towards those changes) the dominant worldview in the world/country.

We should define the target groups and work with some of them. It makes sense to start with the most receptive (students, IT specialists) and the most influencial (businessmen, politicians, academicians).

We should have custom-made messages for each shock level and each target group. Here I concentrate on the shock level targeting.

We should (must) have the custom messages in distinct (separate) website sections. These would have different facts, explanations, style (the higher the FSL, the closer to the "truth").

Before doing that we should have a few "internal-use" global overview docs:

  • overview of the tech. fields
  • transhumanist timeline
  • general description of the Great Transition (incl. Singularity), i.e. main things that are going to happen.
  • a dictionary

Then we make an argument map (such as this argument map about cryonics) justifying the timeline and the general description. We structure it so that parts of it fit the FSL profile of the audience so that you can understand what you tell to each FSL group.

The result:
for each FSL we have part of the timeline, part of the Transition description and the argument map supporting that.

Then we test it (ideally in a controlled environment, so that we understand the results very well) on real subjects, fix the problems (that is people disagreeing aggressively, since aggression is part of the future shock symptoms). Then format that into a series of booklets/videos/lectures/site sections/book chapters and encourage people to start with the first one (or have a automatic test in the beginning).

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